Lopping machines for orchards

Lopping machines for orchards

Lopping machine CKP 250

Lopping machine CKP 250

Lopping machine for pruning of orchards be applied to an all-purpose tractor equipped with front hoisting device or with standard flanging.

Side movement:
50 cm

Inclination of the cutting header:

Height adjustment of cutting blades:
50 cm

Standard equipment: vertical mowing bar of 2.10/2.50/3.00 mt, Supporting trestle with wheels, Flanging system

Accessories for Lopping machine CKP 250

C0015/C0018: Joystick with 5/7 movements
A0166A/A0181A Distributor 5/7 movements
Horizontal lower bar- C0225: 5 blades of 55 cm
Topping horizontal bar with shockproof valve – length 1.50 m with hydraulic return cylinder.
Topping horizontal superior bar - C0226: 6 blades of 86 cm - C0257: 8 blades: 116 cm
Universal Third point coupling element
C0171 Third point coupling element with integrated hydraulic system for tractor with reversable cab
Universal flange with two modes of connection
C0228 hydraulic system with heat exchanger
C0170 Wheel saves hail nets
C0061 Universal flange

Windows pruning machine

The result is a 3D pruning suitable for both thin and large trees, with alleyways 3 to 4 meters apart (9.8 to 13 ft).

Windows pruning machine goal is to mimic hand pruning in just 4-6 hours/ha and trigger a cycle of shoots according to the specific needs of stone and pome fruits.

System panted by Fondazione Edmund Mach.
Istituto Agrario S. Michele all’Adige - Inventor Dott. Dorigoni Alberto. – built by Fa.ma
Device for cutting to be applied on pruning machine CKP 250, for dry pruning of orchards that allows to reduce the time of manual pruning. In comparison to the other pruning machine, it has a second almost vertical cutting plane, formed by cutting bars of 36 cm. This device for pruning open some windows of light into the orchards to the second cutting plane, that is near and parallel trunk. This can remove, branch up to a diameter of 35mm, leaving. The number of windows may vary, depending on the requirements, up to a maximum of 4.
Windows pruning on intensive wall
Reduction of manual intervention by 30-50% depending on the type of plant
Orchards pruned with windows machine

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