Defogliatrice Mod. SF3

Defogliatrice Mod. SF3

Defogliatrice Mod. SF3

Leaves strippers Mod.SF2 Patented System

This new leaves stripper represents a last generation technology. Composed by two vertical rolls supported with an aspiration system, made of a fan, it enables the removal and the stripping of leaves around grapes. Its two vertical rolls grant to carry out leaves stripping operations without damaging the fruits, both during the period of ripening of the grapes and pre-vintage. SF2 Leaves stripper is available in the versions with lateral frame, with reversible frame or only as stripping head to be applied on our lopping machines.

Tractor min requirements:
• Oil capacity: 35 l/min
• Pressure: 120 bars
• Lever distributor

A free return outlet is recommended.

• 180° rotating bidirectional frame
• Hydraulic system with pump and heat exchanger
• Joystick electric control
• vertical cutting bar

Work done after the operation before harvest

Work done after the operation before harvest.

Accessories for Leaves strippers

C0254 Vertical cutting bar
C0015 Joystick
C0133 hydraulic system

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