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Lopping machine mod. CBX 100-200


Bilateral lopping machine model “Panorama” available in two models with different opening, CBX100 to 1,10 mt from 1,70 mt and the CBX200 to 1.30 mt to 2.30 mt.

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Grass trimmer mod. ECO TRIMMER

eco trim

Roller grass trimmer with wire of Ø 4 mm for cutting grass between the vineyards rows without damaging the vineyards and orchards.

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Aerial platform mod. T2-9000/2018

Aerial platform mod. TR2TE/2016

Implement fixed to the third point of the tractor equipped with independent hydraulic circuit with telescopic arm.

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Field tests, here we are! ENOVITIS 2019

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Orchards of the future: walkable and sustainable

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News for CBX 200

Lopping machine CBX200 specific for the new crops breeding "Geneve Simple Curtain"
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