Testata Prepotartice PR

Testata Prepotartice PR

Pre-pruning machine CP100

Pre-pruning machine CP100

Pre-pruning machine frame mod. CP100 Light and practical, stable on sloping surfaces too.

• All functions controlled by 5-outlet double-effect hydraulic distributor operating:
side movement (40 cm), tilt movement (30°), height adjustment (80 cm)
The opening of the header has an automatic and static return position in order to make the maneuvers in the vineyard rows easier.

• Pre-pruning machine available in two models: PR650 and PR950 for different cutting heights according to the type of vineyards (Guyot or cordon).
• Fast, easy and safe connection to the tractor also thanks to the mobile supporting trestle with pivoting wheels.

Tractor min requirements:
- Oil capacity: 35 l/min
- Pressure: 120 bars
- Lever distributor 

*A free return outlet is recommended

Accessories for pre-pruning machine

Automatic opening system Cod. C0429
C0251 two Verticals bars system for pre-pruning machine CP 100
Our own disks made of strong Steel.

Pre-pruning machine frame mod. CP100/PR 650

Cutting Height 60 cm, 330 Kg
18 disks

Cutting Height 45 cm, 325 Kg
14 disks

Pre-pruning machine frame CP100/PR 950

Cutting Height 90 cm, 350 Kg
26 Disks

The upper disks are used for deleting snatches and the two lower disks are sharper and cut the branches. The work speed depends on the tree and goes between from 5 to 8 km/h.

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