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News for CBX 200

Lopping machine CBX200 specific for the new crops breeding "Geneve Simple Curtain"
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With orchards in «parete e pedonabili» you will need less chemicals!

It is an Italian idea the harvest revolution for apple trees, pear but also peaches, apricots, plums and cherries and all the others fruits that grow in tight close and short rows like hedges. They have called it “Frutteto in parete” for his Verticality like a wall and also «frutteto pedonabile» because it can be handle walking, in fact, all fruits are reachable from the ground without stairs and this leads great advantages in operator safety...
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Una nuova tecnica di coltivazione sviluppata in Trentino (Fondazione Mach)

Advantages of pruning by mechanical lopping machine

Spring pruning allows flower buds to ripening even next to cutting points at the end of the summer, 3-4 months after the mechanical pruning, stipular buds at the base of the 1-year leaves produce numerous small branches with fruit buds with a 3-4 newleaf crown next to the cutting point: A) 4-new-leaf crown B) petiole of the old leaf C) mechanical pruning
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advantages of pruning by mechanical lopping machine