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Polyvalent lopping machines
Born for green and dry pruning with excellent results.
Clear cuts and no mark of wood weakening, thanks to “flex” system.
Lopping machine for summer (green) and dry pruning applied to an all-purpose tractor with frontal attachment or standard flanging. It is provided with a hydraulic control valve and it makes use of the tractor hydraulic system with a minimum pump requirement of lt.25.
It is given complete with: vertical mowing bar from 1,80 mt to 2,10 mt, wheels support for lopping machine and standard flanging.
The horizontal bars are instead accessories combinable on the grounds of cutting requirements and system’s typology, they are available with mechanical feeler pin or with hydraulic return.
The lopping machines are prearranged with a support for shoots conveyor for summer pruning and leaf stripper.

Frontal lopping machine
for green and dry pruning


Download depliant CL 200 »

Two side lopping machine


Look at the CBX200 video »

Cutting scheme for green pruning
Summer pruning arrangement “Spalliera” lopping machine
click here
Double-headed lopping machine
Cutting scheme for dry pruning
Casarsa type arrangement Casarsa lopping machine
GDC type arrangement Lopping machine for GDC
  Lopping machine for GDC
Cutting schemes
pruning arrangement
Lopping machine “SPALLIERA” Lopping machine
  Lopping machine
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